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Mike Tramp
recovering the wasted years

MIKE TRAMP, one of Rock´s most important and influential voices is back following a five-year recording hiatus with an all-new studio effort.
Entitled „RECOVERING THE WASTED YEARS“ the album marks a turning point in TRAMP´s career - after splitting from his former management and label he decided to move to Australia, with the most important reason of being able to raise his son away from the rigors of a big city and to plan the next steps in his career very carefully.
TRAMP, who enjoyed worldwide success from 1987 through 1991 with WHITE LION and who fronted the band FREAK OF NATURE from ´93 -´95, which was undoubtedly one of the most powerful and amazing live acts ever, has come to a point of wanting to draw a line with RECOVERING THE WASTED YEARS.
„I keep on hearing that Rock´n´Roll is dead and at that very moment I am seeing a band like Powderfinger sell millions of records here in Australia. People still want to hear honest Rock and Roll, they have only gotten more critical and they know what comes from the heart and what is just a calculated setup. You can´t sell chocolate covered shit to people anymore.“



1. Falling down
2. Living a lie
3. Mr. Death
4. It it ain't gonna rock
5. All up to you
6. Endless highway
7. Darkness
8. Follow your dreams
9. Do it all over
10. Take it easy
11. Don't take my rock'n'roll
12. Always tomorrow


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